Adrar Bridges International Expertise with Local Capabilities.


ADRAR Security is a privately owned and independently managed company founded in October 2015 by three partners working in the diplomatic field (GNC) after the 2011 Revolution. The vision was to encourage foreign investors to return to Libya after the conflict in order to start the phase of reconstruction of the damaged infrastructures while ensuring the protection of expatriates and goods.

ADRAR Security has established privileged commercial relations with renowned European partners such as BYBLOS GROUP, thus bringing a complementarity between deep knowledge and understanding of the local context with international standards in service delivery. ADRAR Security holds offices in Tripoli & Tobruk and employs teams of Local and International multilingual professionals with extensive field expertise.

The company is duly registered as a Security Provider. Licences are valid both in the East and the West of Libya (Tripoli Branch), which allows us to operate at a national level. In addition, ADRAR Security is officially registered with the Ministry of Electricity & GECOL (both bodies based in the West) as an approved Security Provider.


Our mission is to consistently raise standards within the security industry for the benefit of both internal and external stakeholders by building long standing relationships, working collaboratively and with transparency.

Ethical Approach

Apply ‘best practices’ to create an ethical and sustainable security business that protects our employees, our clients and our networks.


Absolute confidentiality.


Knowledge is fundamental to raising standards and expectations.


We believe in providing a flexible approach to business by promoting client-led solutions.


Building long lasting relationships.


ADRAR Security has been created with a vision of excellence, continued development and innovation in the ever-changing market of security. It has always been and is our goal to achieve this through teamwork with our employees and contractors as well as through ongoing cooperation with our partners. It is extremely important to put trust in our highly skilled operators and they, in return, always deliver optimum performance to our customers and clients. We are convinced that in the context of Libya, this is a key factor for success.

In the security industry, it is a daily and sometimes hourly occurrence to take risks and to face problems and as long as there is a structured and organised approach to every situation, these events can be isolated, treated and solved rapidly.

In today’s Libya, it is extremely important to be proactive, to assess the risk and to continually move forward.

Our aim is to build an organization with a clear view and strategy that looks ahead and sets new standards in the industry on an ongoing basis. Looking at the years to come, we are highly confident that ADRAR Security has the relevant background and flexibility to be an inclusive actor of the security field in Libya as our vision is to participate, at our modest level, to the betterment of the country.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, we look forward to serving you and your organization’s needs.

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